Workers are the main pillars of production and the pillars of economic development

Workers are the main pillars of production and the pillars of economic development
The director of the cooperative, work and social welfare of Yazd province congratulated the worker on the start of the week

In the transcendent culture of work and effort, the secret to the development and sustained development of mental health and the dynamism of society depends on the value of the work and effort and use of creative talents and ideas that are rich in genius in human capital and effective, and the worker As a prestigious corps and the driving force behind the country's economic cycle.

Hence, the working week is a great opportunity to celebrate those who strive to strive and serve their image, a vision of their will. Therefore, in the year that the Farzaneh leader of the Islamic Revolution called "production boom", while emphasizing the necessity of participation and cooperation of workers as the main pillar of production and the pivot of the economic development of the province, the slogan of the production boom with a national determination and confidence in capacity Indigenous people and neglect of aliens and create a spirit of self-confidence and hope in the hearts of the authorities and economic cadres of the country.

I sincerely congratulate the weekly worker on all the workers, employers of the province and their respectable families, and with the wish of all these loved ones, I hope that the massive jihadist movement with creativity and innovation will witness the growing progress of the proud Islamic Iran.

Apr 30, 2019 10:38


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